Clan Lamont

Clan Lamont Society of North America

Lamont Harp, oldest Celtic harp
The Clan Lamont, whose Norse name means "law-giver", is of great antiquity and once held considerable lands in Argyll, which were later reduced by the encroachment of the Campbells and other until they were confined to Cowal.

In the early 13th centurt lauman granted to the monks of Paisley certain lands at Kilmun and Kilfinan, and in 1456 John Lamont was Bailie of Cowal. John Lamont of Invernyne was knighted in 1539 and had his lands united into the Barony of Inveryne. At this time his principal seat was at Toward Castle, where he entertained Mary Queen of Scots in 1563.

During the disturbed period of the Civil War, several of the Campbell chiefs ravaged the Lamont country with fire and sword, destroying Toward and Ascog Castles, and in 1646 treacherously massacred 2oo Lamonts at Dunoon. The massacre formed one of the charges against the Marquess of Argyll, for which he was executed in 1661. After the destruction of Toward Castle, Ardlamont became the principal residence of the chief. The family were connected by marriage to many of the titled familes of Scotland. John, 19th chief, commanded the Gordon Highlanders at Corunna in 1809. One of the oldest cadet families, and the only one still possessing the old clan lands, is the Lamonts of Knockdow.

Taken from Clans and Tartans, published by HarperCollins, 1986, 1991.