Memphis Scottish Society Samhain
(and Fall Picnic)

Our MSSI Samhain (Halloween to the Sassenachs amongst us) Party, will be hosted by Joe and Debbie Sellmansberger again this year at 14670 Hwy 193 (Macon Rd) Williston, TN.

It will be held on Saturday afternoon, Rain or Shine! 1 P.M. until evening bonfire, October 29th, 2016

Hansel and Gretel: Please call (901) 465-4739 if you get lost. :)

Worried night drivers: Ask about alternate return routes.

Potluck and costume not required but makes it more fun. MSSI will provide hot dogs, hamburgers and condis, and you’ll need to bring a side dish and dessert.

Their Address is:
14670 Hwy 193
Williston, TN 38076