Scotland 101

The program of the May 2007 Member Meeting started a special series of presentations entitled "Scotland 101," which has been continuing every other month, and will run through January 2008. The presentations, of both an introductory and a comprehensive level, will include a survey of "all things Scottish."

These hour-long, multi-speaker presentations are being filmed and will form the backbone of an archive which will be available for members (especially those just beginning to explore Scottish-ness) to acquire information on Scotland relatively easily. The archives, which will also include books, handouts, and samples, can also be lent to community or educational organizations for the same purpose.

The programs will be presented by 2 to 5 of our favorite speakers. Here is the tentative syllabus:
  • May 2007 – Scotland 101: Geography
    Political Geography – Louis Garner; Physical Geography – Jim Lucas; Scottish Flora – Bill Crump; Scottish Fauna – Mary Ann Lucas.
  • July 2007 – Scotland 101: History
    The Ice Age – Alexander III – Seldon Murray; Alexander III – Reformation – Bud Hisky; Reformation and its effects on the Scottish Church/Presbyterian Church – John Schultz.
  • September 2007 – Scotland 101: Culture (The Arts)
    Dance – Brenda Maguire; Songs & mouth music – Sammy Rich, Joe Lyle; History of the bagpipes – Ben Kemker; Scottish art and architecture – Bud & Lore Hisky; Scottish literature – Mary Ann Lucas.
  • November 2007 – Scotland 101: Culture (The Rest)
    Science, Engineering, Invention – tba; Sports – tba; Food – tba; Dialect – tba.
  • January 2008 – Scotland 101: Tartans & Clans
    Tartans, Tweeds, & Conventions of Scottish Dress – Morse & Sheena Rose; Clans & Septs – tba.

Other possible "Scotland 101" topics may follow: Economics, Commerce & Industry; Government (previous & current); Relationship with Great Britain; Education; Tourism & Tourist Tips; Genealogy; National Symbols & Songs; etc.

Plans for the latter presentations are still somewhat tentative. See a topic you’d like to present or other topics you’d like included? Contact Vice President Mary Ann Lucas.
*To be announced.