Your Scottish Descent

Have you ever wanted to build a complete picture of your Scottish family tree but you do not have the time?

Have you ever wanted to know who your ancestors were but did not know where to start?

Have you ever wanted to see the places where they once lived, worked and died but you live too far away?

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Buying Your Kilt

Kilts & Tartan
Kilts & Tartan

free e-book

Free Kilts & Tartan e-book

"Buying your Kilt - Made Easy"
An Expert Insider's Frank Views and Simple Tips
by Dr Nicholas J Fiddes (Governor, Scottish Tartans Authority)
  • Why you should wear a kilt, and what kind of kilt to get
  • How to source true quality, and avoid the swindlers
  • Find your own tartans, and get the best materials
  • Know the outfit for any occasion, and understand accessories

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Scotland FAQ

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the soc.culture.scottish usenet newsgroup lives here. The FAQ contains hundreds of pages of information and is the first on-line guide to Scotland (founded Spring 1994). This version of the FAQ's web site typically receives well over 2,000 page views a day.

Includes a search engine.

Electric Scotland

Electric Scotland brings you comprehensive information on Scotland, Scots and people and places of Scots descent. Includes information on Scottish & Irish clans and families and their tartans. History of Scotland including it's early history, highland regiments, battles, places, famous Scots and connections with places around the world where Scots settled. You will also find lots more information on travel and tourism, poetry, humor, food and recipes. We also have a great Kids section where you can play games and find over 600 children's stories to read.