Scottish Independence Convention

The Scottish Independence Convention exists to further the cause of restoring Scotland’s independence. Their platform draws together all the disparate groups, parties, organisations, politicians and individuals in Scotland and beyond, who share this one basic, democratic objective.

The Scottish Independence Convention was born on St Andrew’s Day, 2005. Since then they have been busy working for the day when Scots will be invited to vote in a referendum on regaining their independence from the British state. They are an umbrella organization, working to unite and encourage all who want independence for Scotland to meet on common ground and have their say in the growing debate on Scotland’s constitutional future.

They welcome everyone, regardless of party political affiliation, who shares their vision of Scotland being a free and democratic independent state. Your support will hasten the day when Scotland is reborn as an independent member of the international family of nations.
Opinion polls in Scotland are again showing a majority for independence. It has happened before, of course, but this time it is all rather different. The rise of the independence movement under the umbrella of the new Scottish Independence Convention has a defined and clear purpose this time — to return independence-supporting political parties and MSPs to power in the Scottish Parliament. And then to call a referendum on independence.

The Scottish people have never been asked if they want independence. They were not asked 300 years ago when in 1707 their rulers voted the independent Scottish Parliament out of existence amid allegations of bribery and the threat of invasion. There was no democracy in those days. The only way the people could vent their feelings was by taking to the streets in protest. And they have not been asked since. The argument that every British general election is a referendum is spurious because other crucial political issues are always at stake — and, of course, Scotland could never return a majority in the English-dominated House of Commons.

So the 300th anniversary of the Treaty of Union is the ideal time to vote for democracy and for an independence referendum. So come along and join the campaign. Even better, come and join the winning side!