Celtic Society of West Tennessee

It is the goal of the Celtic Society of West Tennessee to enlighten those of Celtic ancestry with the knowledge of their cultural history through meetings, social gatherings, and charitable events.

The Seven Celtic Nations from which our lineage hearkens are Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall, Isle of Man, Brittany, Wales, and Galacia.
The Tribes from these nations have been spoken of by many historians, leaders, and philosophers in ages past with references to the Celtic way of life. Numerous artifacts have been unearthed that show clear evidence of their intelligence and craftsmanship.

From the ambition of their hearts and the strength of their spirit, they created a culture that surrounds our being today. Our kindred origins have journeyed long throughout the centuries and even now — the will to analyze and create still runs through our veins with a "particular" inherited pride.

Therefore, we encourage you to join the Celtic Society of West Tennessee in the fulfillment of enriching the lives of others with charity and the educational discoveries of their Celtic Heritage.