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Joisinga Noble

A Small Mouse With a Diary series is written by Joisinga Noble, starting when she was just 10 ½ years old with The Diary of Martha Mouse. The series currently has 4 published books with 2 more books in the editing and proofing stages. Her books are available on and

Joisinga turned 14 this February, is in 8th grade, and is home schooled. She (and her family) belongs to Memphis Scottish Society. Along with her Dad, she is taking bagpipe lessons from Mr. G. Malone of the Wolf River Pipes and Drums. She also plays piano (taught by her Dad) and guitar. She can be found on some Friday evenings playing bluegrass on the Old Town Square in Collierville. She’s also a big sister to two siblings!

Joisinga got her start in writing through November 2010’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) when the Germantown Library hosted a group that year. She was the only attendee to complete and publish (and illustrate the cover of) her book that year — as an added “bonus”, the Germantown Library bought both her 1st and 2nd books and they are available for checkout. To her surprise, a librarian at Collierville also asked to purchase those books and they are available there are well. Just before this past Christmas, Joisinga was showing her next two books to that same librarian and she asked for those two also — soon those will be available for checkout at Collierville.

Joisinga has done and completed 2011’s, 2012’s, and most recently 2013’s NaNoWriMo, and Camp NaNoWriMo in July 2013.

In Memphis Parent Magazine, Joisinga was featured as the “Can-Do Kid” for May 2011 – it’s still available for viewing on-line under the title “Creative Talent”.

Joisinga’s hope is to someday write a Bible study book-by-book through the Bible!
~ Robert Noble, 2014

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