Board Meeting

MSSI Board Meeting

November 18, 2010

Conducted at St. Luke’s Church


Sammy Rich, Melissa Gibson, Allen Simpson, George and Sue Malone, Sandy Simpson, John Schultz, Steve Martin

Called to Order: 5:40 PM

Treasurer’s Report: Recap of submitted report. Burn’s Nicht ticket sales slow. Motion to approve report: A. Simpson, 2nd S. Simpson. Motion carried.

Secretary’s Report: Posted on the blog: from October 28. Dispensed reading, M. Gibson, 2nd Malone. Motion to accept carried.

Current Business:

VA Parade – MSSI participated. Suggestion to regularly participate in this event.

Bartlett Parade – December 4. Mary Ann Lucas is organizing MSSI to participate. Suggestion to email members about parking at the Simpson’s and shuttling people to the start point. Trailer available from Sammy. Trailer decorating on 12/3 at 1 PM. Allen Simpson to coordinate.

Old Business:

• Celtic Fest (11/6) in Jackson TN. MSSI was represented. Briefly meet with entertainer.

• Burns Nicht. Discussions regarding sound check for entertainer. Cindy Dodd has received 2 tickets for the Patron’s Reception.

• St. Andrews Tea November 27 2:30 PM- 4 PM at Crumpets . $25 per ticket ($26.12/person), 25 maximum. 24 reservations made at this time.

• Patrons Reception – Sammy trying to arrange a walk-through December 6 at Waterworks.

• Christmas Party – Sue Malone, December 13 6:00 PM at St. Luke’s. Event catered. Sue needs helpers at the church around 4 PM. Toys for Tots will be present. Limited chorale participation. Encourage participation.

• Cookbooks – sell via website $10, + s/h, sell at Burn’s Nicht

• Golf Tournament Update – Steve Martin. Issues with volunteers and dates. Activity alternatives considered.

Motion to adjourn 7:00 PM by Steve Martin, 2nd by George Malone

Next Meeting: December 16 at 5:30 PM, location TBD

Respectfully submitted, Sandy Simpson
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