July 16, 2012 Board Meeting Minutes



Date: 16 July 2012 Time: 6:15 – 7:20 pm

Location: Villa Castrioti, Germantown Parkway

Attendance: Joe Lyle, President                             Betty Gibson, Member-at-Large
                   Melissa Gibson, Vice President           George Malone, Secretary
                   Jestein Gibson, Member-at-Large

Also present: Sue Malone and Susie Lyle

1. President Joe Lyle called the meeting to order at 6:15 pm.

2. Acceptance of Previous Board Minutes:

a. George Malone presented the minutes of the previous Board meeting held on 18 June 12.

b. Melissa Gibson moved to accept the minutes as read. Jestein Gibson seconded. Motion passed.

3. Treasurer’s Report:

a. George Malone, acting Treasurer until Steve Martin’s return from vacation, presented the Treasurer’s Report:

Checking Account total: $7,816.76

Savings Account total: 7,991.72

Total available: $15,808.48

i. Since the original Treasurer’s report was sent out prior to the meeting, there have been two additional transactions in the checking account.

1. A check for $20.00 was written to the TN Sec. of State to register MSSI as a non-profit organization for 2012.

2. We received and deposited a check for $128.00 from the Red Birds organization for our participation in their Scottish Heritage Night.

3. As a result of these additional transactions, our checking account balance is now $7,924.76.

b. Jestein Gibson moved that the Treasurer’s report be accepted. Betty Gibson seconded. Motion passed.

4. Old Business:

a. Note cards: Melissa Gibson reported that she still needs to talk to Karen English.

b. Ceilidh: 18 August 2012 at St. Luke Lutheran Church. The official start time is 6:00 pm, although we have the church from 5:00 to 10:00 pm.

      i. George and Sue Malone originally were going to be out of town, but will be back for the Ceilidh.

     ii. MC: Joe said that he and Sammy will share the duties.

    iii. Joe Lyle stated that he has a preliminary line-up for the evening including singer Larry Lorenzi (possibly) and Ben Kemker with a comedy act, among others.

                     1. Discussion centered on having Jonathon Gibson do Scottish dancing and then teach those willing to try it.

    iv. Food: MSSI will provide meat and drinks. BBQ? Joe Lyle will check with Allen Simpson.

                     1. Members will be asked to provide side dishes and desserts. This will be brought up at the next general meeting and put in the Grace Notes.

     v. We have plenty of plates, cups, and plastic utensils, so we shouldn’t need to buy any of these items.

c. Picnic: At Agnes Stark’s place, Plum Nelly, on 20 October.

      i. Betty Gibson has coordinated with Agnes.

     ii. We need to put maps to Plum Nelly in the Grace Notes.

d. Burns Nicht: 26 Jan 2013.

      i. Joe Lyle said he will get a final confirmation from Ed Miller.

     ii. There will be a Burns Nicht meeting this Thursday evening, 19 July, at the Republic Coffee House on Walnut Grove.

e. Scottish Breakfast/Art Display:

      i. To be held on a Saturday at 10:00 am in early November at St. Luke Lutheran Church. George Malone will coordinate the date with the church.

     ii. Jestein Gibson said that Jonathon would probably be willing to cook a real Scottish breakfast.

    iii. People will be asked to bring whatever arts/crafts that they would like to display. Items will not be for sale.

f. Melissa Gibson stated that the new welcome letters to new members are being sent now. One new member, Joyce Varner, said she got one. Thanks to John Schultz.

g. Lichterman Center Scarecrow project (in September):

      i. Jestein Gibson said that she would head this up. She is looking for ideas and help in constructing it.

     ii. Joe Lyle will announce this at the next meeting.

5. New Business:

a. Scholarship Fund has a lot of money in it. Can we use it?

      i. George Malone stated that by the By Laws, it can only be used for grants and scholarship to support Scottish studies or cultural things, but it really depends on people putting in requests. So far, there have been none.

     ii. It was suggested that we offer one to Margaret Walker, our local Scottish dancer and dance teacher. She is about to move to Glasgow, UK, so she could probably use it.

    iii. George Malone stated that Wolf River band members were reluctant to apply because they had received them before. He will advise those who need a grant to attend schools to apply. Also David Corbett for his band.

b. Fans:

      i. These are paper (church) fans with tartan patterns and the Memphis Scottish Society logo. We have given out all that we previously had (300) and need more.

     ii. Sue Malone reported that she had talked to Karen English about printing them for us, but she has not gotten a price estimate yet.

c. Dues will be due in October, so we need to announce this at the September meeting.

d. Nominating Committee: Nominations are due by the November meeting. The Nominating Committee needs to be established by the October meeting. Committee consists of:

      i. The immediate past president.

     ii. One member appointed by the current president.

    iii. One member elected by the general membership at the October meeting.

e. The next regular meeting will have Becky Trafford presenting the short Scottish geography talk. Sammy Rich will be the main speaker doing a historical analysis of an old tune.

      i. Speakers need to be told to limit their talk to 30 minutes.

f. The next Board meeting will be held on 20 August 2012 at Panera Bread on Germantown Parkway at 6:00 pm.

6. Meeting was adjourned at 7:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

George Malone
Secretary, MSSI

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