July 28, 2011, MSSI Board Meeting (Melissa Gibson)

July 28, 2011

MSSI Board Meeting

Present:  George Malone, Allen Simpson, Sammy Rich, Melissa Gibson

Meeting called to order at 5:45.

Minutes from May meeting were approved as corrected. Motion by Allen Simpson, seconded by George Malone.

Treasurer’s Report:
 Checking account balance:  $5,851.08
 Savings account balance:  $5,407.48
Motion by Allen Simpson to approve minutes, seconded by Melissa Gibson.  Approved as submitted.
Discussion of  scholarship applications.
Discussion of July 9 Burns Nicht meeting, explanations of ticket prices, etc.  Patron’s reception to be held at Memphis WaterWorks.  Melissa to discuss bottom line ticket sales numbers with Cindy Dodd at Woodland Hills
Need to get a nominating committee in place early.  Past President, one nominated by President, and one elected by membership at October meeting.
Need to get Burns Nicht brochures out early.
Discussion of September festivals.  Cooper Young  (9/17) and Bartlett (9/24)

Motion to adjourn by Allen Simpson, Seconded by George Malone.

Meeting adjourned at 6:30.
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