March 26, 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

Date: 26 Mar 2012                                                               Time: 6:35 – 7:50 pm

Location: Panera Bread Company, Germantown Parkway

Attendance:            Joe Lyle, President                      Betty Gibson, Member-at-Large
                              Melissa Gibson, Vice President   George Malone, Secretary
                              Steve Martin, Treasurer

                             Also present: Jane Kikel

1. President Joe Lyle called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm.

2. Acceptance of Previous Board Minutes:
    a. George Malone read the minutes of the previous Board meeting held on 27 Feb 12.
    b. Steve Martin moved to accept the minutes as read. Melissa Gibson seconded. Motion passed.

3. Treasurer’s Report:
    a. Steve Martin presented the Treasurer’s Report:

                                   Checking Account total:  $8,761.20
                                     Savings Account total:     7,840.43
                                               Total available:  $16,601.63

   b. There was discussion of when dues were due. According to the By-Laws, they are due 1 October.
       Typically, in August, the president reminds the members that dues are coming due. Generally speaking,
       dues are paid between September and Burns Nicht. New member dues come in throughout the year.
       New member dues are half price if joining after 1 April.

   c. We have not received an insurance bill in the last month. Steve Martin will check on it.

   d. Steve Martin will also give Joe Lyle the MSSI insurance policies so he can get a rate and coverage
       comparison for a possible policy change.

   e. George Malone moved that the Treasurer’s report be accepted. Joe Lyle seconded. Motion passed.

4. Old Business:

   a. The Scholarship Committee was elected at the 12 Mar 2012 general meeting. Members are Mary Ann
       Lucas, Ken Noe, and Goeffry Meese.

       i. There was discussion of the procedure by which scholarship and grant requests are handled.
          1. The request must be received in writing. Whoever receives the request should turn the request over
               to the Scholarship Committee, and advise the President, as a courtesy.
          2. The Scholarship Committee determines whether the request is valid, and if so, determines the
               recommended money for the scholarship or grant.
          3. The Scholarship Committee then sends their recommendation to the Board for final approval.
          4. If approved, the Treasurer, using funds from the MSSI savings account, sends a check to the
              institution, rather than directly to the one making the request.

       ii. There is a Scholarship Request form, but it needs to be updated for grants. Steve Martin will send the
           form to Joe Lyle who will send it to Mary Ann Lucas to update.

       iii. Joe Lyle asked what is the maximum we should we give each year? George Malone stated that
           according to the IRS, we should use all of our scholarship designated funds each year; however, in
           reality, we are limited by how many requests we receive. Last year, we received only one request,
           but it did not fit our criteria of having to do with promoting Scottish culture, studies, etc., so it was not

   b. The Burns Nicht video is still being worked on, but progress is slow. Sammy Rich personally paid the
       cost of the video ($350.00).

   c. Joe Lyle is checking on getting note cards printed. The MSSI return address should be printed on the

   d. The date of the Red Birds game has moved to 11 May 12, which is a night game beginning at 7:05 pm.
       Derek Stine can sing the National Anthem. Tickets will be paid for in advance like last year.

       i. However, there may be a conflict with other organizations and a Baptist convention for that date.
          Melissa Gibson will continue working with the Red Birds on this item.

5. New Business:

   a. Joe Lyle reported that David Corbett of the Northeast Arkansas Caledonian pipe band has submitted a
      grant request to send two band members to school at Grandfather Mountain at a cost of approximately
      $500.00 each. Joe will forward the request to Mary Ann Lucas for Scholarship Committee

   b. Melissa Gibson stated that she does not have a program for our next general meeting on 9 April 12. Joe
       Lyle stated that he has two musicians coming who were supposed to play before the meeting, but he will
       ask them to play for about 30 minutes in place of the program.
       i. Melissa Gibson said that she has Brenda McGuire doing the program for the May meeting. It will be  
         on the Scottish harp.

      ii. One possibility for a program speaker would be the golf pro at Audubon Golf Course. He is a native
         Scot, and he has worked with Steve Martin in the attempt to set up a golf tournament.

   c. Burns Nicht:

         i. Jane Kikel discussed next year’s Silent Auction. Becky Trafford is chairperson. Jane expects that the
           committee will consist of herself, Sandy Simpson, Sue Malone, and Mary Clausi, but this is not firm 

         ii. Jane also noted that we need to contact the major donors early since they have to budget for it in
            advance. Since we have the date for Burns Nicht fixed, we can update the donation request letters 
            and start making contacts now.

        iii. We can use the records from Burns Nicht 2012 as a starting point to contact big donors.

   d. The Scottish Society has been asked to participate in the premier of the forthcoming Disney/Pixar film,
       “Brave”. No date or place set yet. Not all Board members received the e-mail on this, so George
       Malone will forward it to them.

   e. Some of the Board members’ e-mail addresses in the “MSSI Board” group e-mail set up by Gavin
       Anderson are incorrect. Those who are not receiving e-mails need to contact Gavin and John Schultz to
       make sure they have their correct e-mail addresses.

   f. Joe Lyle asked about fund raising events. Burns Nicht has been our only fund raiser.

      i. What about selling things at the Cooper Young Festival? Melissa will check on the feasibility.

      ii. We have sold cookbooks at some events, but not very many.

      iii. Steve Martin tried to set up a golf tournament last year, but no one signed up, and then it rained. He
          found that it was very difficult to make it work.

   g. 2012 MSSI events were reviewed:

       i. Red Birds game – Changed to 11 May

       ii. Ceilidh- August. Organizers: Joe Lyle and Allen Simpson.

       iii. Picnic-October
           1. Location: Agnes Stark’s farm.
           2. Organizer: Betty Gibson

      iv. St. Andrews Tea-November. Organizers: Steve & Jeanette Martin

      v. Christmas Party-December. Organizer: Jestein Gibson

      vi. Burns Nicht Patrons’ Reception
          1. Location: Probably at Joe Lyle’s home.
          2. Date: Weekend before Burns Nicht.

    vii. Burns Nicht
         1. Location: Woodland Hills.
         2. Date: 26 January 2013

   h. Other events:
       i. Batesville AR games-14 April. We will not have any representation this year.
       ii. Cooper Young Festival –September
       iii. Bartlett Festival-September
       iv. Celtic Fest (Parker’s Crossroads, TN)-October
       v. Memphis Veterans Day Parade-November
       vi. Bartlett Christmas Parade-1st weekend in December

   i. The next Board meeting will be held on 16 April. Board meetings will normally be held on the third Monday of each month from now on.

6. Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

George Malone
Secretary, MSSI
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