May 26, 2011 MSSI Board Meeting (Melissa Gibson)

Minutes, MSSI Board Meeting, May 26, 2011

Meeting called to order at 5:45.
Present:  Sammy Rich, George Malone, Steve Martin, Melissa Gibson, Ken Noe

Motion by George Malone and seconded by Steve Martin to accept minutes of last meeting. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:
            Checking account balance:  $6,238.51
            Savings account balance;  $5, 407.05

Motion to approve by Steve Martin, seconded by Ken Noe.  Motion passed.

Discussion of sites for Patron’s Reception and St. Andrew’s Tea
St. John Episcopal, Palladio Group, St George Germantown were suggested.

New Business:

Discussion of Ceilidh in August at St. Luke Lutheran. George Malone will check on this.

Discussion of picnic for fall. Agnes Stark’s place in October was suggested. Ken Noe will contact Agnes.

Fall events:

            Cooper Young Festival 9/17
            Bartlett Festival 9/24 (?)
            Germantown Festival—date ?

            Scarecrow contest at Lichterman

            CelticFest in Jackson 11/5
            Veteran’s Day Parade
            St. Andrew’s Day Tea 11/26

            Christmas Party
            Bartlett Christmas Parade

Discussion of Scottish Heritage Night at Autozone Park.  We will arrive at 5:15 to set up.

Schedule for plaza:
            Wolf River Pipes and Drums:  5:15—6:30
            Caledonia Chorale:  6:30—6:45
            NEA Pipes and Drums:  6:45—7:00

Motion to adjourn by Steve Martin,  second by George Malone.

Meeting adjourned at 6:50
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