January 23, 2012, MSSI Monthly Board Meeting

MSSI Board Meeting   January 23, 2012    Called to Order:  5:35 PM
Attendees:  Sammy Rich, Melissa Gibson, Allen Simpson, Sandy Simpson, Steven Martin, Sue Malone, George Malone, Joe Lyles, John Schultze, Betty Gibson
Conducted at Perkins on Germantown Rd.
Treasurer’s Report:  sent prior to meeting by George Malone.  Motion to accept:  S. Martin, 2nd Melissa Gibson, motion carried.  Pending deposits: checking account $10756.99, savings $5408.  Estimated costs yet to be paid for Burn’s Night are $2500-3000 in addition to monies paid to date.
Secretary’s Report:  none.  December meeting did not have a quorum of board members            
Current Business:                     
Burn’s Nicht:
·                                              Set up at 9 AM
·                                              Membership table and Burn’s memorial table will be set-up
·                                              Clan map will be displayed
·                                              People need to go to the storage shed to get items for decorating and display
·                                              Video for Alex Beaton and card to sign
·                                              Decorations – Sue, Melissa and Betty
o                    4 dozen roses, greenery and baby’s breath from Fresh Market
o                    Black table cloths
o                    Tartan napkins
o                    Votive candle holders
·                                              Welcome table – Mary Clausey, Susie Lyles, Jeanette Martin
·                                              Silent Auction – Trafford’s and Sue
·                                              Banners – bring on Sat to WWH
·                                              10:30 – 11 AM light brunch at WH for pipers and MSSI per Sammy Rich
·                                              Haggis – J. Schultze taking care of it
·                                              Buffet will be at the direction of the MC and will begin with the tables farther  from the serving area.
·                                              Sound check at 9 am and 4 pm
·                                              Clean up – keep programs
Feb. MSSI meeting – Melissa working on it.  Speaker TBD
Board Meetings in 2012 will be the 4th Monday.  Feb. meeting 2/27.  Discussion about location – issues with noise at Perkin’s.  Suggestion to try Panera Bread and use their meeting room.
Sammy mentioned inviting pipers to be full-fledged members of MSSI.  No motion made.
Sammy recommends lifetime memberships and corporate sponsor levels for future consideration.
Motion to adjourn S. Martin, 2nd G. Malone
Meeting adjourned 7:00 PM   
Respectfully submitted,  Sandy Simpson
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