Burns Nicht Meeting



Date: 23 April 2009 Time: 5:45 – 6:50 pm.

Location: MDA/ALS Clinic, 8095 Club Parkway

Attendance: Mary Ann Lucas Becky Trafford

John Schultz Kathy Schultz

Pat Potter George Malone

  1. Mary Ann Lucas called the meeting to order at 5:45 pm.
  1. Burns Nicht Planning:
    1. Mary Ann Lucas officially appointed Pat Potter as MSSI Publicity Chairperson. Pat will not only handle Burns Nicht publicity, but also publicity for other MSSI events.
    1. Ed Miller has accepted our offer of $1,500.00, plus reasonable hotel and travel expenses, to be our main entertainer for Burns Nicht. We do not have a contract yet, but he has indicated his commitment. Mary Ann will coordinate the formal contract with him.
      1. We have established a link to Ed Miller’s web site from ours.
      2. Ed has also agreed to do the Immortal Memory at Burns Nicht.
      3. We will check with Ed to see whether he prefers to perform from the stage or from the dance floor. Woodland Hills is reluctant to adjust their stage lighting due to having a church service held there the next morning. The lights are currently aimed at the stage area.
      4. We will have to provide a sound person for him. Since Greg Hisky charges $250.00 for this service, we will put out a bid for the job. David Corbett is a possibility.
        1. Ed Miller will contact the sound person directly once we determine who it will be.
    1. Have we paid the $1,000.00 deposit for Woodland Hills yet? No. We have heard nothing from them. We will not be able to get a contract with them until we have paid the deposit and if we delay, we may lose our reservation for 23 Jan 2010. The reservation deposit is non-refundable if we cancel altogether, but otherwise, Woodland Hills applies it to our regular expenses. Since Mary Ann has other issues to discuss with them, she will handle this.
      1. Melissa Gibson will only coordinate with Woodland Hills for the meals, set-up, etc., but Mary Ann will take care of the actual contract.
      2. We need to get a new menu list from Woodland Hills.
      3. Kathy Schultz suggested that we need to plan to bring our own special food items, e.g., short bread, oat cakes, haggis. Scottish beer was also mentioned as a possibility.
    1. John and Kathy Schultz will make or acquire the haggis.
      1. Mary Ann requested that we continue the tradition of having a vegetarian haggis in addition to the traditional haggis.
    1. Tickets will be available this year. They will be either handed out, where possible, or mailed.
      1. They will be color-coded to distinguish Patron from non-Patron tickets.
      2. Ticket prices will be determined by July.
      3. When will we know what the meal prices are? Don’t know yet.
      4. Mary Ann suggested raising the ticket prices, but the general feeling was that we should not do so unless absolutely necessary.
    1. John and Kathy Schultz will take care of the flyers using their Desktop Publishing program. They will coordinate with Pat Potter. The flyers and tickets will be available by Clanjamfry.
    1. Mary Ann is again handling the seating arrangements.
      1. The chart will be more readable this year and tables will be listed alphabetically.
      2. We will have hosts/hostesses to help people find their seats. Becky Trafford volunteered to recruit and coordinate the hostesses.
    1. Mary Ann announced that there may be a quilt in offing for this year, thanks to Dena Warth. This isn’t for sure yet.
    1. Pat Potter, Publicity Chairperson, had several requests for information:
      1. She needs examples of past brochures, posters, etc.
      2. Do we have a list of attendees from previous years? Kathy Schultz thought she had given a list of attendees from the past couple of Burns Nichts to Sue Malone.
        1. *Added Note: George Malone checked with Sue after the meeting and she stated that she had given the box to John Schultz last year for use in publicity mailings, and she no longer has it.
      3. Mary Ann stated that she has one box of assorted information at her house that she found after this year’s Burns Nicht was over.
      4. Mary Ann stated that she would ask Melissa Gibson for any information that was given to her last year.
    1. Positions remaining unfilled:
      1. Patron’s reception organizer.
      2. Decoration and undecorating.
      3. Lights and sound technician.
    1. All future Burns Nicht Committee meetings will be held at the Cordova Public Library, located at 8457 Trinity Road.
    1. The next Burns Nicht meeting will be held at the end of June. The exact date will be announced later.
  1. Meeting adjourned at 6:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

George Malone, Secretary, MSSI

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