September 22, 2011, MSSI Board Meeting

MSSI Board Meeting   September 22, 2011
Attendees:  Sammy Rich, Melissa Gibson, Allen Simpson, Sandy Simpson, Steven Martin,
Conducted at St. Luke’s   Called to Order:  5:45 PM
Treasurer’s Report:  pending. 
Secretary’s Report:  minutes will be resent to Board (June and July).  No quorum for August meeting.
Current Business:                     
Oct. 22 Picnic at Plum Nellie 11 AM until ? – need a Board sponsor, donations from MSSI to cover clean-up.  Main menu item: hamburgers and hot dogs.  Allen picking up hamburgers and hot dogs.  Sammy picking up charcoal.  MSSI to bring condiments, buns, pickles, lettuce, onions.
Donation to St. Luke’s for use of facility at recent ceilidh.
St. Andrew’s Tea, November  (George and Sue Malone)
Christmas Party: Board is responsible, Seldon presenting a program. Generally $250 budget for party.  Will inquire with members about the venue and pot-luck or catered event.
Burn’s Nicht:
·                                                                        Bid for Scottish Eggs – Sammy and Allen to get bids from Celtic Crossing, Dan McGinnis and possible Evergreen Presbyterian.
·                                                                        Consider providing some of the Scotch for the tasting to alleviate the burden on any one member – Steve Martin to follow-up
Contract signed with Water Works 9/22/2011.  Need to pay rent $250 to WaterWorks for Jan. event.
Order of the Thistle and Heather winners – Seldon Murray has approached Sammy re: pin to be presented to previous and new honorees.   Steve Martin to talk with Seldon about pins and cost.
Cooper-Young Festival – thanks to Melissa for volunteering Stash as a spot for the MSSI to set up a tent for reaching potential new members.
October MSSI Meeting: Speaker  Elaine Meese, Loche Ness
November MSSI Meeting: Speaker Mary Ann Lucas, Scottish Trail of Tears
MacBeth production by TN Shakespeare Company - opportunity for MSSI to volunteer as an usher.  Requires standing at the beginning of the event.  Participants will receive a ticket for the event.   Article to be placed in Grace Notes. 
Redbirds – Melissa to speak with Redbirds re: funds for attendees this year and potential participation in 2012.
Meeting adjourned 7:00 PM   
Respectfully submitted,  Sandy Simpson             
Next Board Meeting:  October 27 St. Luke’s
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