June 18, 2012 Board Meeting Minutes



Date: 18 Jun 2012 Time: 6:15 – 7:30 pm

Location: Villa Castrioti, Germantown Parkway

Attendance: Joe Lyle, President                                Betty Gibson, Member-at-Large
                   Melissa Gibson, Vice President             George Malone, Secretary
                   Steve Martin, Treasurer                        Allen Simpson, Member-at-Large

Also present: Sue Malone and Susie Lyle

1. President Joe Lyle called the meeting to order at 6:15 pm.

2. Acceptance of Previous Board Minutes:

a. George Malone presented the minutes of the previous Board meeting held on 21 May 12

b. Steve Martin moved to accept the minutes as read. Melissa Gibson seconded. Motion passed.

3. Treasurer’s Report:

a. Steve Martin presented the Treasurer’s Report:

Checking Account total: $8,294.76

Savings Account total: 7,941.37

Total available: $16,236.13

      i. Savings account total includes an anonymous donation to the scholarship fund.

     ii. Checking account includes membership dues for two new members, who happen to be kilt makers.

b. Steve Martin stated that he will be out of town until mid-August. George Malone will take over the Treasurer’s duties until his return.

c. George Malone moved that the Treasurer’s report be accepted. Melissa Gibson seconded. Motion passed.

4. Old Business:

a. Note cards: Melissa Gibson reported that she needs to get a design finalized before talking again to Karen English.

b. Ceilidh: Set for 18 August 2012 at St. Luke Lutheran Church, 5-10 pm.

      i. Allen Simpson is in charge of the ceilidh. He asked that the Scottish Society provide the meat. Side dishes and desserts can be provided by members to share. This was approved.

     ii. George and Sue Malone originally were going to be out of town, but have changed their plans so as to be back for the Ceilidh. They will be able to help with the set up.

    iii. Is a PA system available? Yes, but difficult to locate all the pieces. It would be best if we brought our own.

    iv. MC: Joe Lyle suggested that he and Sammy Rich can share the duties.

     v. Joe Lyle asked if we could invite two groups of singers to perform a few songs. One is blue-grass. Yes, provided they will accept dinner as payment.

    vi. Although not required, we will encourage Scottish attire.

c. Picnic: At Agnes Stark’s place, Plum Nelly, on 20 October.

      i. Betty Gibson has coordinated with Agnes Stark.

     ii. Betty is thinking of providing a croquet set for an additional activity.

d. Burns Nicht: 26 Jan 2013.

      i. Melissa Gibson and Sue Malone reported that they had met with Cindy Dodd at Woodland Hills and she agreed to the following changes:

                    1. More servers will be brought in to bus tables and serve drinks.

                    2. Add soup tables, which will be self-served.

                    3. Adding two more serving lines for a total of four.

                    4. Set up two drink tables, one up front and another in the rear.

                    5. There will be a separate haggis table.

                    6. Menu will include roast beef with HP sauce and English trifle.

                    7. Entertainment will be on stage. Stage background has been painted a cream color. Can we get better lighting?

                    8. We can rent ropes at $10.00 each for roping off silent auction area when the silent auction is over.

      ii. Because of changes, meal costs will go up by approximately $2.00 per person.

     iii. Entertainment (Ed Miller) costs will be greater than last year as well.

     iv. Should we have breakfast for Saturday morning set-up volunteers like last year? Cost is $5:00 per person. Suggested that we include cost in overall Burns Nicht costs, but no final decision was made.

      v. Steve Martin moved that we raise the regular dinner ticket price to $55.00. Patron would remain $75.00 and Benefactor $100.00 Seconded by George Malone. Motion passed.

     vi. George Malone moved that the price for an entire table for eight persons be $400.00 ($5.00 discount of each of the eight tickets). Steve Martin seconded. Motion passed.

    vii. Should we offer discount if ticket purchased early. No. We tried it last year and it was too confusing.

   viii. Steve Martin moved that we raise the Patron Only ticket price from $35.00 to $40.00. George Malone seconded. Motion passed.

                     1. We do not advertise this. Since the Patron’s Reception is now on a separate night from Burns Nicht, we instituted this as a way to allow people who could not attend Burns Nicht to still attend the Patron’s Reception.

    ix. We need to limit complimentary dinners to about 20.

                    1. Performing band members are normally comped in lieu of the normal band fee (currently $600.00). Only those who actually stay for dinner have a dinner ordered and are comped. Their families are not comped.

                    2. The highland dancers should be comped.

                    3. Bruce Erskine is comped for piping in the haggis.

                    4. Do not comp entertainer’s families or friends as has happened in the past.

e. Patron’s Reception: The Lyle’s home on Friday, 18 Jan 2013

      i. Plan for 35-40 people.

     ii. Susie Lyle stated that she would like to cater some of the food. Would the Scottish Society pay for that? Yes (but no limit was set).

5. New Business:

a. Insurance Policy: We have a new liability insurance policy through the Hartford Company. It covers liability at any MSSI event, including Burns Nicht.

      i. It does not cover alcohol. Woodland Hills, as seller of alcohol, bears that responsibility.

     ii. It does not include items stored in our storage unit. It was determined that there is really nothing of great value there. Sue Malone mentioned that she has the silver candelabras at her house to protect them from tarnish and corrosion.

    iii. The old Nationwide policy cost about $800 per year. The cost of this policy is about $500 per year.

b. Welcome Letter for new members.

      i. Melissa Gibson suggested that John Schultz, as Membership Chairman, send the letter to new members, after they have paid their due, via e-mail, preferably. If e-mail is not available, it will be sent via the regular mail. This will help John determine if he has their correct e-mail and street address.

     ii. Sue Malone suggested a change in the letter to add that if no e-mail is available, the “Grace Notes” will be sent via regular mail. Melissa said she would make the change.

    iii. Melissa also stated that she needs a list of new members who have signed up since January 2012. Steve Martin and George Malone will try to provide that information.

c. Lichterman Center Scarecrow project:

      i. Do we want to decorate a scarecrow again this year? Yes, if just for publicity.

     ii. Suggested to ask Jestein Gibson if she would decorate it. She did it last year and she works with the Pink Palace, so she might enjoy it. Melissa will ask her.

    iii. Does the Lichterman Center provide the scarecrow? Melissa will check.

    iv. Entry fee is $25.00. You provide the materials (cost of materials last year was about $50.00).

d. The next Board meeting will be held on 16 July 2012 at Villa Castrioti.

6. Meeting was adjourned at 7:35 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

George Malone
Secretary, MSSI

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