March 24, 2011 Board Meeting

MSSI Board Meeting
March 24, 2011
Conducted at St. Luke’s
Sammy Rich, Melissa Gibson, Allen Simpson, George Malone, Sandy Simpson, Ken Noe, Steven Martin,
Called to Order:  0955
Treasurer’s Report:  Includes paying Woodland Hills.  Sent in advance to Board members.  Motion to approve: S. Martin, 2nd A. Simpson.  Checking account balance as of 21 Mar 2011 $6088.15; savings account balance $5406.61
Secretary’s Report:  Minutes from Feb. meeting previously emailed to Board members.  Motion to accept: M. Gibson, 2nd G. Malone
Current Business:
Discussion of Scholarship Committee:  composition of committee members (D. Corbet, R. Clausi, F. Tafford).  Vote pending by membership at April meeting.
ClanJamFry cancelled for 2011.  Discussion of opportunity to participate more with the Celtic Fest in Jackson.
Elmwood Cemetery Tour – recognized thanks to Barbara Campbell for arranging the opportunity to participate in the tour.  Several MSSI members participated.  Stories for upcoming Grace Notes as a result of the tour per Sammy. 
Potential speakers identified and will be referred to Allen Simpson for future meetings, possibly in June.  (Jimmy Ogle)  S. Martin will contact him.
Redbirds Game: Scottish Heritage Night:  potential dates identified by M. Gibson.   G. Malone will present dates to the pipers.  MSSI can provide a singer for the National Anthem.  Melissa will confirm fundraising options as well.  Can inquire with Evergreen re: tartan displays.
Discussion of Society tent and display of banner at events.
WKNO activity recap:  opportunity for increasing participation.  Need help recruiting members; suggestion to obtain dates from WKNO to include in Grace Notes. 
Christmas Party – December 12, 2011 at St. Luke’s.  Pot luck.  Board will be in charge of this activity.  Steve requested a list of required activities.  Allen suggested MSSI provide meat and members provide sides and desserts.
Kirkin’ at St. George’s Episcopal Church in April – Sammy will follow-up and get information to the Board.
George to follow-up with Water Works regarding deposit refund due MSSI after Patron’s Reception.
Burn’s Night Silent Auction will be headed by Becky Tafford.  Entertainment for 2011 event:  Ask Ellen Appleton, consider retainer for a back-up entertainer.
Motion:  to provide a $25 Jason’s gift card to any non-member speaker at a monthly meeting.  Per Steve Martin.  2nd Ken Noe.  All approved.
Sammy has requested an updated membership directory from John Schultz.  Also need thank you cards, small quantity, need to send a card to speakers.
Noted last month’s speaker: Robert Hawk’s on the Knight’s Templar.
Golf Picnic, May 1.  Challenge the membership to bring 1 team of 4 from their church memberships.  Aim for 10-15 groups to participate.  Need to send the list for pot-luck based on alphabet.  Steve Martin will prepare an article for Grace Notes.
Meeting adjourned 7:05 PM
Respectfully submitted,  Sandy Simpson
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