February 27, 2012 MSSI Board Minutes


Date: 27 Feb 2012                                                Time: 6:15 – 7:50 pm

Location: Panera Bread Company, Germantown Parkway
Attendance: Joe Lyle, President                                Betty Gibson, Member-at-Large

                    Melissa Gibson, Vice President             George Malone, Secretary

                   Also present: Sue Malone.

1. President Joe Lyle called the meeting to order at 6:15 pm.
2. Acceptance of Previous Board Minutes:
     a. No minutes for the meeting held on 23 January 2012 were available.

3. Treasurer’s Report:

     a. Steve Martin, the new Treasurer, was out of town, but submitted his Treasurer’s report before leaving.
         George Malone noted a math error that affected only the reported current checking account total and
         proposed amending the report. The amended figures are as follows:

                                                 Checking Account total: $8,742.20
                                                 Savings Account total:      7,860.14

                                                             Total available: $16,602.34

         Betty Gibson moved to accept the Amended Treasurer’s Report. Seconded by Melissa Gibson.  
         Motion passed.

     b. George Malone, outgoing Treasurer, stated at the January Board meeting that the bank signature cards
         for our accounts at First Tennessee Bank have been revised to reflect our new officers. In accordance
         with the Bylaws, only the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer can sign checks.

     c. George Malone also reported that since Steve Martin, Treasurer, is out of town and will then undergo
         major surgery shortly after his return, Steve has asked George to fill in for him as Treasurer until he is
         able to return to his duties. This will not be a problem since George, as Secretary, is still authorized to
         conduct MSSI business with 1st Tennessee Bank. George has accepted this task.

4. Old Business:

     a. There was no old business.

5. New Business:

     a. Joe Lyle asked about the status of the DVD video recorded during Burns Nicht. It is still being edited
         for length and to try to include Joe Lyle’s dedication of Burns Nicht to Alex Beaton, which was
         recorded later.

     b. We need to nominate at least three people for the new Scholarship Committee. The Bylaws state that
         the candidates must be published in the “Grace Notes” or by mail at least 10 days before the regular
         membership meeting where the Scholarship Committee will be elected by the membership. Potential
         candidates were discussed. Joe Lyle will call them.

         i. If we do not have time before our next general meeting, on 12 March, to list the candidates in the
           “Grace Notes”, John Schultz could also send out a mass e-mailing to the members.

     c. Sue Malone requested that we put in the “Grace Notes” a request for donations of clear plastic storage
         boxes for use in the storage unit. Currently, items are stored in cardboard boxes that are falling apart
         and generally must be opened to see what they contain. Clear boxes would help ascertain what they
         contain without having to open every box. Wheels on bigger boxes would be good.

     d. Note Cards, etc.:

         i. Sue Malone also suggested that we have note cards printed for thank you notes, get well cards, etc.
            Joe Lyle mentioned that it would be nice if we could use Bill Crump’s note card artwork for them.

         ii. Sue also suggested that we have MSSI return address labels printed to reduce the work load when
             making mass mailings, e.g. for Burns Nicht.

         iii. Melissa Gibson stated that when we had stationery printed last year, we failed to get envelopes with
             the MSSI logo on them, which we need.

             1. Joe Lyle said he would check on these suggestions with John Schultz and Karen English.

     e. Sue Malone suggested that we should send thank you notes to Buster’s Liquor for their donation to the
         Burns Nicht Silent Auction, and to Central Imaging for their very generous donation of printing our
         Burns Nicht 2012 programs free of charge.

     f. George Malone proposed 27 April 2012 as the date for the MSSI’s attendance at the Red Birds
        baseball game where we would be an honored organization. This is based on the availability of the Wolf
        River Pipes and Drums. Melissa Gibson will coordinate with the Red Birds.

     g. 2012 MSSI events:

         i. Red Birds game – 27 April

         ii. Ceilidh- August
            1. Location: Possibility St. Luke Church. Question: Can we bring alcohol? Currently the answer is,
                “No”, but the church is considering a policy change to allow it.
            2. Organizers: Joe Lyle and Allen Simpson.

         iii. Picnic-October
             1. Location: Agnes Stark’s farm.
             2. Organizer: Betty Gibson

        iv. St. Andrews Tea-November
            1. Location: Possibly Woodland Hills, depending on cost.
            2. Organizers: Steve & Jeanette Martin

        v. Christmas Party-December
           1. Location: Jason’s Deli at Dec meeting.
           2. Organizer: Jestein Gibson

        vi. Burns Nicht Patrons’ Reception
            1. Location: Possibly at Joe Lyle’s home.
            2. Date: Weekend before Burns Nicht.

        vii. Burns Nicht
             1. Location: Woodland Hills.
             2. Date: 26 January 2013

     h. Other events:
         i. Batesville AR games-14 April
           1. We have not had any representation for the past two years, at least. Joe Lyle will ask members if
               anyone is going and if they would be willing to set up the MSSI tent and man it.

        ii. Cooper Young Festival –September

        iii. Bartlett Festival-September

        iv. Celtic Fest (Jackson, TN)-October

        v. Memphis Veterans Day Parade-November

        vi. Bartlett Christmas Parade-1st weekend in December

     i. Burns Nicht discussion:

        i. It was suggested that a letter be sent to non-members who attended Burns Nicht 2012 asking for a
           critique of what they liked or didn’t like. George Malone will get a list of non-member attendees to
           Melissa Gibson.

        ii. Woodland Hills has been reserved for 26 January 2013.

        iii. We have gotten our security deposit back from the Water Works for the 2012 Patrons’ Reception.
            We have not made any reservation with them for 2013.

        iv. The main entertainment needs to be nailed down early. Various individuals and bands were
            discussed. Joe Lyle suggested Ed Miller, if he doesn’t cost too much. He will check on Ed’s

6. Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

George Malone
Secretary, MSSI
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