Burns Nicht Meeting



Date: 9 July 2009 Time: 5:40 – 6:50 pm.

Location: Cordova Public Library, Trinity Road

Attendance: Mary Ann Lucas Mary Clausi

John Schultz Kathy Schultz

Also attending: George Malone

  1. Mary Ann Lucas called the meeting to order at 5:40 pm.
    1. This was a special meeting called because there was no quorum at the last meeting due to e-mail issues.
  1. Burns Nicht Planning:
    1. Mary Ann announced that George Malone had paid the Woodland Hills deposit and signed the contract reserving it for Burns Nicht 2010.
    1. Artwork for brochures and posters:
      1. Who is designing it? John and Kathy Schultz stated that they thought Pat Potter was, but they had not heard anything from her.
        1. Mary Ann stated that she gat Pat samples from 2007.
        2. John Schultz stated that he has not yet given her the samples from 2008, but will. Also, Sammy Rich may have last year’s samples.
      2. The brochures need to be ready in time for Clanjamfry (25 Sep).
      3. Size of posters? They can’t be too big (movie poster size) because many places won’t let you hang them if they are that big.
    1. Tickets:
      1. Mary Ann stated that no tickets will be given out at clanjamfry due to difficulty of controlling them in that kind of public setting.
        1. People who register and pay for Burns Nicht reservations will only receive a receipt at that time.
        2. Tickets will be sent to them later as confirmation of their reservation.
    1. Ed Miller:
      1. Right now we only have a Letter of Intent. Mary Ann will finalize the paperwork with him.
    2. Menu:
      1. Mary Ann will coordinate the menu and set-up with Woodland Hills. Melissa Gibson has no assigned duties at this time.
      2. Haggis:
        1. John Schultz is the Haggis Tsar.
        2. Celtic Crossing has good haggis, but it isn’t in the bag, so we still need a ceremonial haggis.
          1. It was suggested that since Dan Irving can’t attend meetings these days, that we don’t want to put him on the spot for making haggis. We probably should still ask him, as a courtesy, if he would want too, but without imposing it on him.
        3. Kathy Schultz stated that she has a recipe for vegetarian haggis that she might try out.
        4. John Schultz will coordinate with the Woodland Hills cooking staff regarding preparation of the haggis.
        5. It was suggested that Bud Hisky be invited to do the Ode to the Haggis, but only if he wants to. John Schultz will do it if Bud can’t.
        6. It was also suggested that we ask Bruce Erskine to pipe in the haggis as he has traditionally done.
    1. Silent Auction:
      1. Mary Ann stated that Sammy Rich has not actually volunteered to be in charge of this again this year. Mary Clausi will ask him at the regular meeting.
      2. Sue Malone and Mary Clausi have volunteered to help with the Silent Auction.
      3. Could we borrow Melissa Gibson’s credit card swiper again this year? Mary Ann will check.
      4. Kathy Schultz stated that she has already accumulated shopping bags to have on hand for anyone who needs them.
      5. Mary Clausi stated that this year, the area where the items are located will be roped off to avoid the problems experienced last year. It will also be better organized, based on lessons learned last year.
    1. Patrons/Benefactors:
      1. The Patrons’ Reception is where we make our money. The regular tickets just cover the basic costs.
      2. We need to get volunteers to prepare food for the reception, even though they themselves may not be planning to attend.
      3. Price for Patrons is $70.00 and for Benefactors, $100.00. If two tickets are bought, the ticket prices include automatic family membership in MSSI, if not already a member.
      4. Patrons/Benefactors should be provided special perks and recognition:
        1. We should have special name tags, one style for Patrons and another for Benefactors.
        2. In the past, their names were published in the Burns Nicht program.
        3. Also in the past, the Patrons/Benefactors were formally seated by hostesses.
      5. The whiskey tasting is always a big draw. Seldon Murray does one for St. John’s Church. Maybe he will agree to conduct this one.
      6. We still need a volunteer to take charge of organizing the Patrons’ Reception. Mary Clausi stated that she would ask for one at the next regular meeting.
    1. Decorations: No one has volunteered to handle this.
    1. Hostesses: Becky Trafford has volunteered to be in charge of this function.
    1. What do we have as a source for names to send brochures to? Can we use the Clanjamfry list? We will need permission. We should also send brochures to churches in the area.
    1. Bagpipes: We will continue to use the Wolf River Pipes and Drums for the band performance, and Bruce Erskine to pipe in the haggis.
    1. The next Burns Nicht meeting will be held 13 August at the Cordova Library at 5:30 pm.
  1. Meeting adjourned at 6:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

George Malone, Secretary, MSSI

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