November 15, 2011, MSSI Board Meeting

MSSI Board Meeting   November 15, 2011
Attendees:  Sammy Rich, Melissa Gibson, Allen Simpson, Sandy Simpson, Steven Martin,
Conducted at Republic Coffee
Called to Order:  5:35 PM
Treasurer’s Report:  sent prior to meeting by George Malone.  Motion to accept:  S. Martin, 2nd Allen Simpson, motion carried.  Addition to notes:  Deposit of $810 made today.
Secretary’s Report:  corrected minutes sent in advance of meeting by Sandy Simpson.  G. Malone moved to accept, 2nd M. Gibson,  motion carried.                                                                                                                                   
Current Business:                     
Oct. 22 Picnic at Plum Nelli.  Payment for $50 sent to Agnes Stark for use of property.
Veteran’s Parade – MSSI participated on 11/11/11.
St. Andrew’s Tea, November 26 at St. Luke  (George and Sue Malone).  17 tickets sold to date.  Tickets now on sale to the public.
Christmas Party: December 12 at Jason’s Deli, regular meeting time.  Members to bring Scottish desserts (cut for individual servings) in the side door. Members asked to bring Toys for Tots gift.  Seldon Murray will present the program.  Motion to tip staff $50 at conclusion of Christmas Party by S. Simpson, 2nd by G. Malone; motion carried.  Wolf River Pipes and Drums has volunteered to perform at the party.  Decorations:  2 plants (door prizes) Melissa to purchase and table covering for dessert table and plates/napkins/forks (Allen to obtain).  Meet at 5 PM to set up. Decorating budget: $100
Recommendation:  Program Presentations:  request to limit speakers to 30 minutes.  Note to remind speakers that meeting concludes at 8 PM.  Reminder:  Deli closes at 9 PM.
Burn’s Nicht:
·                                              Brochures – using same format as 2010, some issues with lettering resolution but acceptable unless Adobe proficient person is available
·                                              Print material will be available at December meeting
·                                              Postcard reminders: discussed
·                                              Patron’s Reception:  secured preparations for Scotch Eggs.  Discussion to include soup.  Entertainment:  considering options yet to be confirmed.  Sammy suggested inviting WaterWorks owners plus spouse  and Central Imaging to the event.
·                                              Silent Auction letters – being reprinted (phone # to be corrected)
·                                              Sammy contacted WKNO re: Local Color and options to participate
·                                              Facebook ‘liking’ and other social media
Membership brochures:  recommendation to have these available at monthly meetings.  Include current prices in Gracenotes.  Recommendation to include annual operating budget in Gracenotes.
November MSSI Meeting: Speaker Mary Ann Lucas presented a talk on the Scottish Trail of Tears
Motion to adjourn S. Martin, 2nd G. Malone
Meeting adjourned 6:40 PM   
Respectfully submitted,  Sandy Simpson             
Next Board Meeting:  December 20 5:30PM at Celtic Crossing, combined with Burn’s Committee.
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