April 16, 2012 Board Meeting Minutes



Date: 16 April 2012 Time: 6:30 – 7:40 pm

Location: Panera Bread Company, Germantown Parkway

Attendance: Joe Lyle, President                               Betty Gibson, Member-at-Large

                   Melissa Gibson, Vice President            Allen Simpson, Member-at-Large

                   Steve Martin, Treasurer

Also present: Jane Kikel                                           Becky Trafford

1. President Joe Lyle called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

2. Acceptance of Previous Board Minutes:

a. Melissa Gibson presented the minutes of the previous Board meeting held on 19 Mar 12.

b. Allen Simpson moved to accept the minutes as read. Steve Martin seconded. Motion passed.

3. Treasurer’s Report:

a. Steve Martin presented the Treasurer’s Report

Checking Account total: $8,735.20

Savings Account total: 7,840.72

Total available: $16,575.92

b. Melissa Gibson moved that the Treasurer’s report be accepted. Betty Gibson seconded. Motion passed.

4. Old Business:

a. Discussion of printing needs: Note cards, letters, return address labels, etc.

      i. Permission has been granted by Bill Crump to use his artwork. Joe Lyle to contact Bill about sales.

     ii. What will note cards be used for? Sympathy, congratulations, thank you. Melissa to check with Karen English/Central Imaging on pricing.

b. The Burns Nicht Patrons Reception date is set: Friday, January 18, 2013, to be held at Joe Lyle’s home.

5. New Business:

a. Melissa Gibson announced that the Scottish Heritage night with the Redbirds will be May 25. Some of the Wolf River Pipes and Drums members will be there. David Corbett’s Northeast Arkansas Caldeonia group has been asked to participate. Much like last year, information tables and banners to be displayed, band to play on the plaza pre-game, Derek Stine to sing National Anthem. Price has not been set. Flyer will be sent to membership when available.

b. Dates for Ceilidh were discussed: Saturday, August 18 or 25. Allen to ask George Malone if St. Luke Lutheran will be available either of those dates.

c. October picnic discussed. Betty Gibson to contact Agnes Stark to see if her country place is available and set a date.

d. Burns Nicht: Melissa will contact Sue Malone and Mary Clausi to see if they will be on the Burns Night Steering Committee (with Melissa).

6. Other Business:

a. Becky Trafford and Jane Kikel had a Silent Auction committee meeting during the Board meeting. Summary will be sent to Board members when received from Jane.

7. Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Melissa Gibson for George Malone
Secretary, MSSI

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