Board Meeting

Conducted at the Simpson home


Sammy Rich, Melissa Gibson, Allen Simpson, George and Sue Malone, Sandy Simpson, Ken Noe, Steven Martin, Melissa Simpson and Westley Simpson

Called to Order: 0955

Treasurer’s Report: Sent in advance to Board members.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from Jan. meeting previously emailed to Board members.

Current Business:

Planning Meeting:

1. Email lists discussed. Specifically for Grace Notes and other information.

a. Action required: explore subscription to publications via website and mechanism for unsubscribing

b. Action required: explore use of guestbook and way for comments regarding the website, questions concerning required monitoring of posted information may prohibit guestbook feature.

c. At this time, comments regarding the website should be directed to the President. (NOT SURE HOW THIS WILL HAPPEN –WILL SOMEONE ADD THIS TO THE WEBSITE FOR VIEWERS?)

2. Survey from the 2/14/2011 meeting:

a. 7 completed surveys received, surveys were in Grace Notes and provided to attendees at the meeting as well as an invitation to respond and purpose for the survey

b. Activities of interest from responders – Picnic at Plum Nelley, Elmwood Cemetery Tour, Cooper-Young Festival, Redbirds game, Halloween party and Bartlett Parade

3. Burns Night

a. Survey comments indicate preference for the Patron’s Reception to be held separate from the Burns Night Supper

b. For 2012

i. Need to secure the location for the event

ii. Consider reservations for 125 participants at this time

iii. Buffet style dinner

iv. Adjust the program to accommodate buffet service

v. Unsure about a professional photographer, no-show in 2011

vi. Need to secure an individual to provide sound for speakers, etc,

vii. Committees required for Burns Night:

1. Silent Auction

2. Patron’s Reception – Sammie Rich

3. Music

4. Decorations

viii. Discussion to present job descriptions for committees at an upcoming meeting and invite members to participate on a committee. Will also identify and invite interested participants early in the year.

ix. Action Required: follow-up on deposit paid to WaterWorks for reception held in January. Need to check availability for reception January 2012 and secure location.

4. Scholarship Committee: need members for 2012

a. Action required: ask existing members if they are interested in remaining on the committee and seek to fill any vacancy.

5. Advertising and Publicity

a. Action required: Need to identify venues for advertising with low to no cost. Westley mentioned Craig’s List and developing a Facebook page (different from a Facebook Group).

b. Community calendars: Melissa Gibson and Melissa Simpson established an account with the Commercial Appeal (website) to post MSSI events and meetings on the calendar available on the CA website. Look for the 3/14/11 meeting to be posted.

c. Action required: follow-up with Memphis Flyer re: article and/or advertising.

d. Action required: MSSI t-shirts to be available for sale to members and at events like Cooper-Young, and other MSSI outings. George Malone to check with Becky re: logo and golf-type shirts. Melissa and Melissa to check with other sources for t-shirts re: graphics and low quantity printings.

e. Action required: verify MSSI information with the Memphis Public Library Information Center.

f. Action required: explore advertising with college newspapers and inviting faculty with Cultural Studies to MSSI meetings.

g. Membership directory: would like to update and distribute this year. Action required: Sammie to contact John Schultz.

6. Calendar of Events for 2011

a. Q1: Burns Night Wrap-up for members using the opportunity to recruit committee members for the event January 2012; Elmwood Tour 3/19 – will make information available to members to determine interest and possible MSSI tour later this year; WKNO 3/9011 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm for membership drive phone banks, Celtic Women harpist will be in the studio that evening.

b. Q2: Redbirds Game – Scottish Heritage focus, opportunity for fundraising, Pipe Band, April or May – Melissa and Melissa working on this; Golf/picnic and ceilidh at Audubon Park – Steve Martin

c. Q3: Cooper-Young Festival; Plum Nelley outing – Ken Noe to check with Agnes re: availability; Lictherman Nature Center scarecrow

d. Q4: St. Andrews Tea – the Malone’s will organize; Bartlett Christmas Parade 12/3 – theme not posted at this time; MSSI Christmas Party, pot luck at St. Luke’s 2nd Monday in December, Sue Malone to secure room.

7. Budget

a. Allocate $250 towards each of 3 MSSI events

b. Allocate $100/month discretionary spending by President. Sammie indicated he would permit $50 max. of this amount towards advertising.

8. February Society Meeting: Celtic Astronomy. Attendee list to be scanned to blog.

9. March Society Meeting: Knight’s Templar

10. Next Board Meeting: March 24 at St. Luke’s

Respectfully submitted, Sandy Simpson
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