May 21, 2012 Board Meeting Minutes



Date: 21 May 2012 Time: 6:10 – 7:35 pm

Location: Panera Bread Company, Germantown Parkway

Attendance: Joe Lyle, President Betty                            Gibson, Member-at-Large

                   Melissa Gibson, Vice President                   George Malone, Secretary

                   Steve Martin, Treasurer                              Allen Simpson, Member-at-Large

Also present: John Schultz                                             Gavin Anderson

                     Kathy Schultz                                           Sue Malone

                     Tommy Seaman, Couch & Assoc. Insurance Co.

1. President Joe Lyle called the meeting to order at 6:10 pm.

2. Acceptance of Previous Board Minutes:

a. George Malone read the minutes of the previous Board meeting held on 16 April 12.

b. Allen Simpson moved to accept the minutes as read. Steve Martin seconded. Motion passed.

3. Treasurer’s Report:

a. Steve Martin presented the Treasurer’s Report:

Checking Account total: $8,386.24

Savings Account total: 7,941.06

Total available: $16,327.30

      i. Savings account total includes an anonymous donation to the scholarship fund.

b. Steve noted that Mary Ann Lucas and the Scholarship Committee have updated the request form. Currently, we have one request pending.

c. Allen Simpson moved that the Treasurer’s report be accepted. George Malone seconded. Motion passed.

4. Old Business:

a. Note cards, return address labels, etc.:

      i. Return Address labels: Melissa Gibson reported that she has already had envelope return address labels printed. She is looking for the best place to buy envelopes.

     ii. Note cards: Karen English suggested that we check with the printer Bill Crump used for his note cards. The printing order is too small for Central Imaging. Melissa will check with Bill.

    iii. Should we make the note cards available for members to buy? Discussion included suggestions that we NOT maintain an on hand inventory of items. It would be better to wait until we have orders before printing. That might enable us to get a bulk price for the printing.

                               1. We need Bill Crump’s permission to sell his art work.

                               2. Joe Lyle pointed out that we need to determine the prices before we can offer the items for sale.

                               3. Gavin Anderson said that he has an account with Cathay Printing which prints on any surface. John Schultz said he could give Gavin our logo. Melissa stated that she would prefer that we limit these items to the more official type

                              4. Steve Martin moved that any proceeds from the sale of these items be deposited in our general operating fund. Allen Simpson seconded. Motion passed.

b. Ceilidh: Set for 18 August 2012 at St. Luke Lutheran Church, 5-10 pm.

      i. Is a PA system available? Yes, but difficult to locate all the pieces. Since the Malone’s may not be able to attend, it would be best if we brought our own. George will get the key to the church to Allen ahead of time.

     ii. MC: Sammy Rich suggested, but probably not really necessary. The main thing is to line up the entertainment and order ahead of time.

    iii. Joe Lyle asked if we can have entertainment by non-members. Yes, provided they will accept dinner as payment.

c. The date of the Red Birds game has settled on 25 May 12, which is a night game beginning at 7:05 pm. Derek Stine will sing the National Anthem. We can get in at 5:00 pm.

      i. Melissa Gibson said we have sold 12 tickets so far.

     ii. We need the “To Go” box and banners from storage unit. George Malone will bring them.

d. Picnic: At Agnes Stark’s place, Plum Nelly, on 20 October.

      i. Since we have plenty of plates, cups, and utensils in the storage unit, we shouldn’t need to buy any.

5. New Business:

a. Our current Nationwide policy renews in June with a significant increase in premiums. What are our options?

      i. Tommy Seaman gave us a presentation on insurance options. He stated that after looking at our current policies (we have two, one for property damage and one for personal injury liability), he did not think it covered us as thoroughly as we thought. It only covers our general monthly meetings and not any outside “special” events, such as our Patrons Reception at the Water Works, especially if alcohol was served. Special events require a special policy for that event, costing as much as $750.00 per event. He also noted that every company requires a minimum annual premium for any policy.

                             1. Since Woodland Hills sells alcohol, they would be responsible for any accidents occurring at or after events held there, in which case we would not need our own coverage.

                             NOTE: After the meeting, Melissa Gibson contacted Cindy Dodd at Woodland Hills and confirmed that they are insured and that we are not required to carry insurance for events held there.

     ii. Mr. Seamans showed us a general policy, underwritten by Valley Forge Insurance, that would cover liability, property damage and terrorism risk. Although the total actual premium would be $94.00 per year, because of the minimum annual premium required by the company, our total annual premium would be $500.00, which is approximately $300.00 less than what we have been paying for Nationwide coverage (before the increase). This policy would only cover our monthly meetings and not “special” events.

    iii. In conclusion, Mr. Seamans stated that, because of our limited exposure to liability, he does not see that the Scottish Society really needs this coverage.

    iv. Joe Lyle will check further on this matter.

     v. Steve Martin reminded everyone that we have limited time since the new Nationwide policy takes effect on 16 June.

    vi. When Joe gets back to the Board with any other information he finds, we can vote via e-mail.

b. Face Book Page:

      i. John Schultz stated that because anyone can post to our Face Book page, we have had numerous posts, but only 10 pertain to MSSI.

     ii. Gavin Anderson stated that we can limit posting capability to designated “administrators”.

    iii. Administrators should include some at least Board members, John Schultz, Gavin Anderson, and Sue Bates of the Celtic Society of West Tennessee.

    iv. John Schultz said we should post a notice that we are about to limit who can post.

     v. Having a second Face Book page dedicated to general Scottish interest was discussed. The page title would not have our name in it.

    vi. Steve Martin motioned that posting to the MSSI page be limited to designated administrators. Allen Simpson seconded. Motion passed.

c. Joe Lyle stated that he will present a program on the Clearances at the next meeting.

d. Steve Martin said that there will be a meeting of the St. Andrews Tea Committee at Brother Junipers, Wednesday, 22 May, at 8:30 am.

e. Burns Nicht: Sue Malone asked if it is possible to raise our ticket prices?

      i. There were complaints last year of a lack of wait staff resulting in having to get up for drinks and dirty plates left on the table. To correct this situation, Woodland Hills would need to have more staff, which would increase the cost of each meal.

     ii. Burns Nicht is our primary source of general funds for our operating expenses. The checking account looks good right now, but that is mainly because of profits from Burns Nichts of several years ago. Three years ago, we lost about $2,000, the next year we had about a $1,000 profit. Last year, we had about $2,000 profit, but that was helped by going to a buffet which allowed for a reduction in wait staff. We require approximately $3,000 each year for operating expenses. Dues bring in approximately $1,500, and we count on Burns Nicht to cover the rest.

    iii. Price hike would only be for basic dinner tickets. Patrons and Benefactors would not be affected.

    iv. Should we offer discounts for seniors and kids? No.

     v. Melissa Gibson and Sue Malone will check with Cindy Dodd at Woodland Hills to determine how much the meal prices will go up with an increase in wait staff. We will delay a vote on this until we get the new price.

f. The next Board meeting will be held on 18 June.

6. Meeting was adjourned at 7:35 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

George Malone
Secretary, MSSI

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