June 23, 2011, MSSI Board Meeting (Melissa Gibson)

June 23, 2011

MSSI Board Meeting

Present:  Steve Martin, Sammy Rich, Ken Noe, George Malone, Melissa Gibson

Meeting called to order at 5:50.

Minutes from May meeting unavailable.

Treasurer’s Report
 Checking Account Balance:  $5,954.30
 Savings Balance:  $5,407.26
Discussion of changing storage unit. Nothing decided.
Report on Redbirds Game, profit of $232.00.  Agreed work with Redbirds organization to have a “Second Annual” Scottish Heritage night earlier in 2012 season.
Dates were set for fall events: 
 Cielidh:  Saturday, August 27 at St. Luke Lutheran
 Picnic:  Saturday, October 22 at Plum Nelly
MSSI insurance due now, 77 per month for 9 months, $693.00 total
New Members this month:  Bruce and Joyce Webber
            James Scott Davidson
Motion by George Malone to allow only new members only the $10 discount after April. Seconded by Ken Noe.  Approved.
Announcement of September Festivals:
  Cooper Young Festival 9/17
  Bartlett Festival 9/24

Motion to adjourn by George Malone, Second by Melissa Gibson.

Adjourned 6:55.
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