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We exist to promote an understanding in “things Scottish,” through programs at our Monthly Meetings, and support for individual’s studies of Scottish heritage, history, and culture.

Come and meet us at 6:00 PM on the second Monday of the month for the Monthly Meeting at Jason’s Deli at Highland & Poplar. Each meeting includes a presentation of Scottish interest. There are also several informal gatherings throughout the year, such as our Annual Ceilidh (party) and our Annual Picnic.

The highlight each year is the Burns Nicht Supper, a celebration of Scotland’s poet, Robert Burns on the Saturday in late January closest to his birthday on the 25th.

Details on our Events are posted on this website as plans progress.

John Schultz

February Meeting

Sammy Rich will lead us through some spirited songs including a little diddling and probably a bit of mouth music for good measure. The he will present a couple of song histories or heritage traces for your listening pleasure. Yes, Dr. Crump, I have been sharpening my bow—no, that’s not quite right, but we will have a bit of playback on Brochan Lom, a bit of Stumpie, and perhaps a little of Ae Fond Kiss for good measure. Plus, we will take a look and listen to Hector the Hero, which we cover later in this issue, and may even take time to play and sing Rose of Allendale for Shirley, since she requested it. If any of you have a favorite you particularly want heard, please tell me at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting (that means by 5 Sunday afternoon) and I will see if I can pull it together.

Now, Joe, if you bring your guitar, maybe John could put some lyrics up on the wall so everyone can sing along. Does that sound like fun? Well, if not, we can just move all the tables and chairs out and have an impromptu ceilidh!

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