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We exist to promote an understanding in “things Scottish,” through programs at our Monthly Meetings, and support for individual’s studies of Scottish heritage, history, and culture.

Come and meet us at 6:00 PM on the second Monday of the month for the Monthly Meeting at Jason’s Deli at Highland & Poplar. Each meeting includes a presentation of Scottish interest. There are also several informal gatherings throughout the year, such as our Annual Ceilidh (party) and our Annual Picnic.

The highlight each year is the Burns Nicht Supper, a celebration of Scotland’s poet, Robert Burns on the Saturday in late January closest to his birthday on the 25th.

Details on our Events are posted on this website as plans progress.

John Schultz

November Meeting


St Andrew
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We all know that St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland and used shamrocks to explain the Trinity, and that he drove the snakes out of the country; all fine reasons for him to be the Patron Saint of Ireland. So, St. Andrew must have invented the game of golf, distilled the first Scotch whisky, and designed the first tartan, right? Wrong! Melissa Gibson will share some of the fact and fancy about St. Andrew, the Patron Saint of Scotland, at the November meeting.

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