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We exist to promote an understanding in “things Scottish,” through programs at our Monthly Meetings, and support for individual’s studies of Scottish heritage, history, and culture.

Come and meet us at 6:00 PM on the second Monday of the month for the Monthly Meeting at Jason’s Deli at Highland & Poplar. Each meeting includes a presentation of Scottish interest. There are also several informal gatherings throughout the year, such as our Annual Ceilidh (party) and our Annual Picnic.

The highlight each year is the Burns Nicht Supper, a celebration of Scotland’s poet, Robert Burns on the Saturday in late January closest to his birthday on the 25th.

Details on our Events are posted on this website as plans progress.

John Schultz

Monthly Meeting

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The Man Who Saved the U.S. Constitution

Presented by Seldon Murray

With the tension in our country bantering back and forth, I felt it might be refreshing to look back at our founding fathers and see not only what they went through, but to see the basic premise of the governing document that we call the Constitution. The tumultuous times then, as now, were trying for everyone. It is important to understand the thought process that our founding fathers went through in designing the Constitution as we look at today’s situation.

Here is a brief history lesson of those days and background of the feelings that led to the ultimate final product. Tensions in the colonies were rising. 1765 the Stamp Act and Quartering Act were instituted.

In 1776 Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence in our struggle to become a new nation. The colonies of England were struggling in a hard fought war to be free from British Monarchal rule. Our First form of governance as a new nation was by the Articles of Confederation, enacted in 1777.

In 1781 Lord Cornwallis surrendered to General Washington in Yorktown. The Treaty of Paris made it official that the United States was a free and independent nation. Now the hard task begins as to form and implement
a new government.

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